Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Measurement Check

I'm a few days past my monthly measurement/weight check deadline. Oh, well.

I actually GAINED 3# this month. That's always so disappointing. :-( To date, I have lost 4# since 6/18/08.

Inches wise, I lost 3.5" overall this month -- I lost in every area except my thighs, which I gained an inch apiece on. I lost an inch in my bust and another inch in my waist. I lost a half an inch each in my upper and lower abs and my hips. To date, since 6/18/08, I have lost 16.5" overall!! Yippee!!

With all the house hunting/selling stuff going on in our lives right now, we have skipped more days this past month at the gym than we have in any other month since we joined. I haven't been to Pilates but one time this month so far. And we will miss again tomorrow as we have showings scheduled to look at the houses with Michael. I really feel it. I'm having a 15-minute massage today while Laikyn is getting her adjustment at the chiropractor. I've been doing a lot of typing/transcribing work lately and it's been several months since I've had a massage or an adjustment. My arm and neck are hurting, so I figured I'd better part with my $15 and get something done for my overworked arms and neck! I really wish I could afford $15 every week, because I know it would help some of the pain I have.

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