Sunday, December 07, 2008

House Hunt

I am so disappointed (and appalled, actually) that the house we made an offer on earlier this year in Lakeside Highlands is now owned by a family who could so totally trash a home and yard!! We finally got to see the house they have put on the market. It was so bad, our Realtor said, "I won't let you buy this house!" It was disgusting and had so much junk still in it and it was in horrible shape on the inside as well as the backyard.

One of the four we were scheduled to look at yesterday had to cancel. We will reschedule because it looks really nice (even the kitchen). Here's a photo of that kitchen taken from the MLS listing.

So, we looked at three yesterday. The one is Lakeside is definitely off the list! There was one in our 2nd neighborhood choice, but it also didn't make the cut. The remaining one made the cut, even though it is on the small side. The house has been beautifully redone, with awesome moldings and a pretty (but small) kitchen. I snapped some photos of it.These are all the cabinets in the kitchen. Not much. However, there is space out of view in this shot (on the right) to add some more cabinets. We probably would have them add some pantry-type cabinets rather than the upper/lower/counter top type.

Here's a close-up of the detail in the kitchen.
You may have to click on the photo to see the detail in the edging molding that is above the beige rectangular backsplash.

Here is a shot of the dining area. Our table would fit with the leaf in it but it would be a little on the tight side. Of course, we wouldn't need the leaf in it very often. Even when Kim and Dewayne come over, we can fit around the table when it's small.

Here's the living room. I love the windows across the front (all the windows are new, btw).

Here's a look from the living room into the dining room.
I love the "columns" with the fluting at the bottom. Again, the molding detail is just so beautiful. It is carried out throughout the entire house. Here's a close-up of one of the door frames.
I didn't take a picture of it, but the master bedroom has dentil molding around the ceiling. It's the only room that has it. It would be nice if they added it to the other rooms, too.

Positives: beautiful details in the trim work; kitchen is sparkling new; separate nice-sized laundry room; three bedrooms; 2 baths; beautiful hardwoods everywhere except the kitchen/dining and baths; very central location; the exterior is brick and new siding so maintenance would be easy; good indoor storage with three hall closets (although one of those may have to be downsized/removed to add the pantry to the kitchen); covered parking (although it's only a one-car carport); fenced backyard.

Negatives on this house: no outbuilding for a workshop (it does have a storage room located off the back patio with shelves and space to add more, but we would still have to add a workshop); the neighbors are really close (but they do have a nice backyard with lots of bird feeders ;-); small square footage (that could actually be a plus when it comes to cleaning and caring for it); small kitchen; bathrooms are in good shape but partially dated (older tubs and tile, although they are in good shape; newer toilets and sinks); the closets are just empty boxes (that could be a plus as we could tailor them to our needs); the master is small (but we could let Laikyn have that bedroom and en suite bath and we could take the larger front bedroom and use the hall bathroom); priced a little high per square foot; no refrigerator.

So even most of the "negatives" could be viewed as positives or worked around. So many things to weigh out.

I'm sooo disappointed about the house in Lakeside. What a shame! Our Realtor told us she would knock on doors if we found one we liked in Lakeside. There is a bungalow that we have always loved on a corner lot. We'll see....

Saturday, December 06, 2008

House Hunt

We are looking at 4 more houses today. The one in Lakeside Highlands finally came on the market. It's not a great sign that there are NO photos of the interior of the house. But, we'll see. It does have an in-ground pool. That's a plus. It's in Lakeside Highlands. Another plus. It's small, though. A negative (perhaps).

Several of the ones we are looking at today actually have nice kitchens (very unusual in our price range; of course, they are at the upper end of our range). One of the new ones we looked at last weekend had a nice kitchen, too. It was a nice house, but when we went into the back yard (with no fence) the dogs in the yard next door barked ferociously at us. We would have had to park one car on the street. Michael really liked it, so it may still be on the list even though it was priced a little higher than what we really want. It's only been on the market about a week, so negotiating power might not be so great at this point.

We have scratched the one with the wrap-around front porch off our list. The one near the hospital is still on the list of possibilities, though.

The lady that we have been expecting an offer from on our house came this week to look at it again. Don't know if that is a good sign or a bad one.


This past week was my first FULL week of working outside the home. It is definitely the adjustment that I knew it would be. I come home pretty exhausted. I don't feel like doing anything much. Hopefully, my body will adjust soon and I will be able to add some fun stuff back to my schedule.

I like the work environment -- except that we (the transcriptionists) aren't in our normal office space. About 6 weeks ago, the medical offices above our normal office space had a sprinkler malfunction which poured water on our offices. The carpet was changed on Monday this past week and that is all they did to fix the spaces. The area we are in temporarily is off a rather noisy hallway. There is a delivery entrance into the hallway and we are right there with no doors or walls separating us from the hallway. Not the most ideal spot for transcribing audios.

Everyone in the office is really nice. I hope they decide to keep me.

The terminology is getting more familiar every day. I have bought a reference book to read at home and also pulled some little flyers off the shelf at the nurse's station to bring home to read to educate myself on heart disease and treatments. I like to think that I am daily preventing Alzheimer's Disease. :-) I still have lots of improvement to make as far as speed goes. I know that will come as the terminology gets more familiar.

The doctor that I have been transcribing for is the busiest doctor in the practice. As soon as I make a small dent in the backlog of work, she sees that many more patients and the dent is gone!

One of the coolest things is that drug reps often provide lunch for the entire office. It is a nice perk that is rumored to be on the way out because of government regulation of the drug companies.