Sunday, October 19, 2008

House Hunt

This past Thursday, Laikyn and I looked at four more properties. One of them was in Lakeside Highlands and it made it onto the short list out of these four (mainly because of the neighborhood). One other one made it as well and it's in my second choice of neighborhoods (Edgemont). We are scheduled to look at both of them on Thursday with Michael.

Out of the two houses, I would choose the one in Edgemont. The one is Lakeside is nice, but it would need new flooring and new appliances. The one in Edgemont is move-in ready. One downside to this house (besides it's not being in Lakeside) is that the kitchen only has a few cabinets.

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These are the ONLY cabinets in the kitchen. There is a china hutch, though, that comes with the house that would be good for storing dishes, etc.

There is also plenty room to add more cabinets, and the kitchen would not need to be gutted like so many of the other houses we've looked at.
This photo is looking from the space we would use as a HUGE dining room into the kitchen. The doorway across from the cabinets is a large walk-in pantry (yay!) This has been a missing item in nearly all the houses we've looked at. The opening next to the pantry door is a refrigerator space. It would limit us on the size refrigerator we could put. It may be large enough to hold a large frig, but it might not be. I don't know. We have to measure it when we go on Thursday. The area near the door with the glass off to the left would be the perfect spot to add some more cabinets.

This is the living room with a pretty fireplace and built-in bookcases. I love the big picture windows in this room and the pretty laminate floor.

This is the outside of the house. It has more of the stone like what's in the living room.

This house has four bedrooms. We would have enough room to have an office/craft room as well as a guest room. Don't really need four bedrooms, but it's okay to have the extra space. It's still downsizing from the square footage here (by about 1500 SF). The bedrooms are a little small. Or least they seem so. We haven't measured. Sometimes these things are deceptively small looking when there's no furniture in the house.
The house is in danger of going into foreclosure. The price has been reduced several times since it's been on the market, but it's still more than we're willing to pay. We might just wait until it goes into foreclosure if the other one in Lakeside Highlands doesn't come on the market before we sell our home. If we make an offer, it will be about $20,000 less than the current asking price.
The other negative of this house is that the shower in the master bathroom is like a cave. It's a tile, enclosed shower with no light. But at least it's a second toilet and sink. The hall bathroom is nice and bright, recently re-done. The master bedroom has two closets. There is a large laundry room just off the kitchen. There's also a huge walk-in closet in the hallway that houses the HVAC unit and hot water heater and also includes more storage area. There's a workshop attached to the carport with built-in workbenches. The outdoor space features a cement patio surrounded by a brick retaining wall. It's not covered, though.
Laikyn really likes this house because it's "spacious and clean." She also likes the "quiet neighborhood."
The house is in a nice central location.

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