Friday, October 13, 2006

Sweet 16

NOTE: This post was originally written on October 12, 2006. I found it in my list of drafts here on Blogger, so I thought I would publish it. My baby is now about to turn 18 in just a few months!!

Today, my baby turned 16! Where did the time go? I can hardly believe that’s she really 16 years old.

Michael and I gave her a suit for her birthday, but she had to pick it out. So today, we went shopping along with the Woodis gals. Laikyn hobbled along and we drove to each store at the mall to help her stay off her feet as much as possible. You see, a horse kicked her several days ago in both knees. We had her go online last night to do some preliminary shopping to decide which stores to go to. She finally found something she liked at the last store we went to - Kohl’s.

We went to Wal-Mart to get a birthday cake and they just happened to have one with a plastic decoration on it that said “Sweet 16.” It was so pretty and they added her name in a pretty pale pink color.

She wanted to go to Olive Garden for supper and it was absolutely wonderful there. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal and we all had leftovers to bring home. That was our first visit to our new Olive Garden which opened in July.

After supper, we all came to our house and watched Annapolis. Halfway through the movie, we stopped and had the cake and some punch. The Woodis daughters spent the night with the girls. Even though everyone could tell Laikyn wasn’t feeling her best because of her knees, we all still had a good time together. As we were all sitting around the table at Olive Garden, I couldn’t help thinking how blessed we are to have the Woodis Bunch in our lives. We were like one big family sitting around the table enjoying the good food and each other’s company, celebrating the beginning of Laikyn’s 17th year. Amazing!

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