Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dining Room Table Shopping

We sold Kimberly and Dewayne our dining room table for their new place. Kimberly liked the style of it. I no longer did and it was way bigger than what our needs are now. Michael and I shopped today and we found one we are considering. We knew we wanted the leather cushioned chairs and were leaning toward a counter height style. The only thing I'm not sure about is the top of this one. It is made of marble and while I really was drawn to it in the store, I'm not sure if it is something that I can be free with in terms of wall paint colors.
Here's a pic of the top.

Would I be safe painting a wine color with this? That's the current color of our dining room here. I may change that when we move. But I want OPTIONS. I mean, I know I could do a pretty green or other earth tones, but what if I want to go another direction?

Here's a shot of the table itself. We'll be pairing it with the leather chair to the right in the pic.

I'm also a little hesitant because of the care. My Martha Stewart Homekeeping Book is packed up so I can't go to my "source" for information. I searched and read a little online.

Also, will I still like this YEARS from now? I guess it's no different than picking a counter top and I could definitely see myself picking this for a kitchen counter top.

The only other option we saw today that we really liked was a round table that we could squeeze 6 around. But this table with 8 chairs will be a mere $100 more than the round with 6 chairs.

Decisions, decisions!

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