Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still No Word

I have still not heard anything on the job I applied for on Friday. I even called yesterday to find out something, but I just got the interviewer's voice mail. I left a message, but she hasn't returned the call yet. Maybe she's out of the office for a few days??? I'm trying to be patient, but most of the time, I have to admit that I am anxious for word. One way or the other, I really want to know if I have this job. Of course, I would prefer that the answer would be "yes." But the not knowing is a little nerve-wracking.

Especially when Michael came home earlier this week and said that he was told absolutely NO overtime. This is devastating news for us. We are strapped financially already. We hope something happens soon. Selling the house will help us pay off about four bills, which help tremendously. My bringing in a good second income will also help us not to go under. We also could use the benefits that the job at Waste Management offers. The insurance that Laikyn is covered under now isn't the greatest and we really need to have her knee checked out by an orthopedist. Waste Management's insurance would take effect for us 91 days after I start there and pre-existing things like her asthma would be covered from that first day.

I really hope to get something soon. I have applied at several places over this entire year and Waste Management was the first place to call me in for an actual interview. I've always felt that God was just closing the doors. I hope He doesn't close the doors on this one, but I truly am desperate to have something!

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