Friday, October 03, 2008

Nathan Smiled!

While we were at the house on Lakeside doing a third look-see, Kimberly and Dewayne and the baby came to look at it with us. Laikyn was holding him sort of face down over her arm. Michael stooped down on one knee to talk to him and when he saw Michael, he broke into a big smile!!

He's been smiling when he sees Dewayne's face, too.

This child is so precious to me! The Realtor was talking about having grandkids while we were there. She said that you don't think you can love anybody as much as you love your kids, but then the grandchildren come along and you discover you can. The love for my daughters hasn't diminished any, but there is something so totally different about loving a grandchild. I don't know what it is, but it is different.

Kimberly sends me a photo on my phone every day or so and I take my phone out at least 10 times in a day just to look at his picture that I've set as my wallpaper. I have it pretty bad!

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