Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Job Search

I was on the phone earlier with our Realtor and had a call come in. I didn't answer it, because Deidre and I were discussing things about the house sale/search. When I hung up, I checked my missed calls and it was from Waste Management. The interviewer left a voice mail saying that they had filled the positions. Even though I really knew that was the case, I'm still so disappointed. :-( I don't even have the heart to call back and ask her to critique me.

Yesterday while in town shopping, I dropped off about a half dozen applications at different places that I had picked up from before. This is so discouraging.

ALL this stuff -- house sale/search; job cutbacks for hubby; financial pressures -- is weighing on me heavily today.


Manuela said...

Hi Shelley Jo! I just looked at a few of your past posts to catch up with you. Sorry you didn't get the job! I know you're bummed, but something better will come along. It'll work out! Sorry too about your husband's job not giving out any overtime. These are tough times for everyone.


Rue said...

I'm so sorry Shelley Jo! I hope you find work soon....

Oh and thank you for sharing that LA snow story with me. I never knew it could do that down there!