Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At Our House

Here's what's been happening at our house the last week:

At the suggestion of our Realtor, we are replacing the ceramic tiles (1/3 of which were cracked) in our kitchen to make our house more marketable.

We listed our house with Deidre on Friday, and on Saturday, we had an offer! All before the first person looked at it! We counter offered and then they counter offered just slightly under our counter offer. However, they have since lost the person who was going to lease their home in South (or is it North?) Carolina. They are still interested in buying our house, but they won't reinstate the offer until they have someone firm to take theirs.

Since we are replacing the floor and our house now looks like a bomb exploded in it, we are holding off showings until next week. We listed now, though, because the cut-off date to be in our local Showcase of Homes publications was the 14th. We wanted to be sure to get in the book for November!

Our own home search will resume tomorrow.

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