Friday, September 19, 2008

September Weigh-In

Well, I'm plugging along, still going to the Y for 2 hours Monday-Friday. The results this month are less-than-stellar. I seem smaller when I look in the mirror, though.

No change in the weight on the scale this month. I've lost a total of 7# since June 18.

This month, I lost 4.5", which is better than the measly 1.25" last month! That brings me to a total of 13" since June 18. Woo Hoo!!!

Some days, I feel like I can increase the weight I lift on the machine with no problem. Then, there are days like today when I feel absolutely drained and I have to bump it back down to get through the workout. I feel the most increase in muscle in my quadriceps. That feels great!

I have been able to do more strenuous walking on the treadmill, though. When I first started, if I tried to walk too quickly, my knee would start to hurt and I'd have to slow down. I've been slowly increasing the intensity and my knee usually doesn't hurt.

Laikyn and I are still taking Pilates classes and water aerobics, each two times a week. I feel like I could benefit from more frequent Pilates classes, but our current vehicle situation won't accommodate it. No matter how much I stretch, I can never seem to rid my lower back of its tightness. It's chronically in a knot.

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