Wednesday, September 24, 2008

House Hunt Continues

We made an offer on the house in our old neighborhood yesterday. We haven't had any word yet from the seller.

We put up a for sale sign for our house on Sunday. We have had three calls, but no appointments set yet. We are deciding if we want to list with a Realtor.

I know that if the seller refuses our offer, then it's God's will. But I'll still be a little disappointed. Even though the house is really nice, my disappointment will come from something else. We drove by the house on Sunday again. While in the neighborhood, we drove down to the community park and boat launch. I had forgotten (or didn't realize) how much I missed living near the river. When we lived on the other side of Lakeside Highlands, we were around the corner from Veteran's Park, which is on the Tennessee River. We often walked to the park and down the river when we lived there.

Even when we were living through the difficult months of Michael trading online from home, we would walk down to the park and God would bring us such peace there.

While we were at the community park Sunday, I was enveloped with God's peace again.

Being near the water again is a big selling point for the house we put an offer in on. It's like having waterfront property without having to pay for it!

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