Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Kimberly turned 21 yesterday!! I honestly don't know where the years have gone; they have flown past.

I gave her a table runner "in progress." With making Nathan's dedication gown, I didn't start her table runner early enough to have it done by her actual birthday. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of this month. I am hand quilting it. I'll post a pic when I'm finished.

She and Dewayne and the baby came over for supper and cake last night. She requested homemade cake, and I tried to comply. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but rarely do my cakes come out of the pans in tact. These were exceptionally terrible, so I had to revert to a boxed mix made into a sheet cake that stayed in the pan. (Yes, I butter and flour my pans!)

At least the icing was homemade. The icing was like nothing I'd ever made before. It was from a Betty Crocker Chocolate cookbook and called "Marshmallow Frosting." It had the consistency of some merinque cookies we make. Since I'd doubled the recipe to ice a two-layer cake, I have a lot left. I am going to bake it up like we do the merinque cookies.

I was told by Laikyn and Michael that the homemade cake was better than the boxed cake. Too bad the layers didn't come out in one piece! One layer actually came apart nearly in half --- half out of the pan and half in!


Teresa said...

Shelley, next time, just leave the half of your layer that is in the cake pan in the pan until it cools. Then, gently loosen it with a knife or spatula. Spread some frosting on to act sort of like glue. Place the half that came out of the pan back on the piece in the pan and invert the pan. Stack and frost as usual. I am forever putting cakes back together! I learned this tip from a lady who makes wedding cakes!

Shelley Jo said...

Yeah, that's normally what I would do, too. But I knew this marshmallow frosting WOULD NOT work as glue without becoming a HUGE mess.