Thursday, August 07, 2008

Trying to Decide...

...if I should come back here to blogger after all Typepad's recent "improvements" that have made posting a pain.

So, I guess this is a test post.

Let's try uploading a photo.

Pretty easy and it even let me automatically select if I wanted to center this photo (one of my mom and Kimberly one Christmas with "Betsy"), which is something that Typepad doesn't do --- and I can never seem to remember what the html code is for centering an image!!

I just played around with changing the font type and the size. Also pretty easy compared to the "improvement" Typepad recently made, which would somehow decide to only change a paragraph even though I had selected ALL THE TEXT in a post.

Let's see, what else do I need to check?? Here's a link to my Typepad blog: That was ALSO easier than the new way Typepad has it --- you have to type text and then highlight it and then click to insert a link. Okay, sometime that works, but what if I just want to insert a link in it's entirety? Do I really have to type or copy and paste the entire link, highlight it, then type or copy and paste it again? Who needs that?

Okay, I'm seeing that blogger has more pros right now than Typepad. The only thing I need to check now is the layouts.

One negative I see is that there is no place to just click on a category for the post. Perhaps there's something in my account settings I can turn on. I'll have to check that, too.

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