Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Progress This Month

Yesterday was the day to weigh in and take measurements after another month has gone by. (Where does the time go???)

The results weren't as dramatic as last month's, inches-wise anyway. I only lost 1.25". Even though I say "only," I'll still take it! It's better than nothing. I did lose another 3 pounds this month, though. That's a total of 7# in two months. The total inches lost in two months is 8.5!! I have noticed an increase in muscle tone, especially in my legs (quads).

I also achieved the first level of FitLinxx points at the YMCA. At 15,000 points, you earn a water bottle with the YMCA logo on it. Now, I'm working towards the 30,000 mark and a workout towel. It's something fun to see the progress and count the points.

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