Thursday, August 07, 2008

Little Home Improvement Project

This month has been a SUPER CLEANING month, which means we deep clean in each room. (Maybe it should be called DEEP CLEANING month??) This week, the upstairs room that got a deep cleaning was the library. Sorry, I don't have any before and after pics. :-( You'll just have to take my word for it that I weeded out a lot of stuff (this is our last year of homeschooling, after all) and made what was left more organized. The only things that are still hanging around in the room that don't belong here are the boxes and baskets I have set aside for our book sale on Tuesday hosted by our cover school.

Whew! I said all that to say that I had my hubby take down a HUGE bulletin board from the library and put it up in the kitchen in place of the small one that was in there. Here's what it looked like after he hung it in the kitchen:

The one with all the papers on it is the small one that was hanging in that spot.
Yesterday, I picked up 12 sheets of pretty 12x12 scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby. I removed the "schoolish" border and yellow paper and put up the pretty paper this morning. Here's the board in its plain state.

Here it is with our important papers on it --- gift wish lists, cleaning schedule, voter registration forms (Laikyn votes this year!!), calendar, and honey do list.

I'm saving all that room at the top for Grandbaby Art. Do you think I'm thinking ahead or what???

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Katy said...

oh wow!!!! That looks fantastic!!!! I love it! :)