Sunday, August 17, 2008

He's Arrived!!

Nathan Flynn Broyles has arrived! At his parents request, I won't be posting any pics of his face on my blog. Mom and baby are doing well. They came home from the hospital yesterday.

I cannot explain how I feel about this child. It is totally different than the emotions I experienced with my daughters' births. For example, when he cries, I think it is the most amazing sound. When my daughters cried, I stressed out, wondering what was wrong with them. Is it just maturity and having gone through it already and knowing that all will be well in the end? Or is it that I'm not responsible for him that makes me enjoy his cries?

Another neat thing about his being here is that now not only do my daughter and I relate mother-to-daughter but also mother-to-mother. Having Nathan has done exactly what having Kimberly did in our lives --- it has changed them. Nothing will change your life like having a child (except maybe having a grandchild!)


Carol VR said...

Congrats. I so hoped to see pictures but I can respect their decision.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...