Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today, we had Kim, Dewayne, and Nathan over for the day. We also invited a young man that Laikyn works with over. He has expressed interest in spending time with her and we have already gone to a football game together.

It's a little awkward to explain to someone our views on dating. We don't allow unsupervised contact for our daughters and young men. It's also different for us because Kimberly and Dewayne's courtship happened entirely over the telephone, long distance from Colorado.

But, Michael did explain somewhat what our views are and why, and Michael (that's his name, too) seemed okay with it. He said he understood and seemed willing to do this however we deem necessary.

Nathan is just so precious. He's smiling and cooing now and it's just so sweet. He's nine weeks old and weighs 16+ pounds and is now 25" long. He's gained nearly 8 pounds and grew 4" since his birth. He's a little bruiser!!

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Carol VR said...

Wow,I didn't think there were many over protective parents these days. I see soooo many teenagers hanging out and over their men it drives me sick.